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Who Will Go In Episode Three ?

Brandon Quinton
Carl Bilancione
Clarence Black
Ethan Zohn
Frank Garrison
Kelly Goldsmith
Kim Johnson
Kim Powers
Lex van den Berghe
Linda Spence
Lindsey Richter
Silas Gaither
Teresa Cooper
Tom Buchanon

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Did Jessie Camacho Deserve To Go ?


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Jessie Camacho Eliminated From The Boran Tribe


18/10/01 : Official CBS Summary
19/10/01 : Survivor Sent Packing (Early Show)
19/10/01 : Lost And Delirious (The Trades)
19/10/01 : Bye Bye Jessie (CBS News)
19/10/01 : Survivor Not Fan Of Show (Zap2it)
19/10/01 : Cop Of The Survivor Beat (NY Daily)
19/10/01 : Survivor Dehydrates Jessie (E! Online)
19/10/01 : Deputy Dogged (TV Guide)
19/10/01 : Brawns Before Beauty (Gist)
19/10/01 : Jessie Camacho - Ousted (ET Online)
19/10/01 : Survivors Drink, Eject Jessie (Det News)
19/10/01 : Jessie Booted (Dallas News)
19/10/01 : Why Jessie Lost (Reality News)
19/10/01 : Jessie Camacho Voted Out (Go Memphis)


Saunders: 'Friends' proving no friend to 'Survivor'

23/10/01 (Rocky Mountain News) : Is the Survivor torch showing signs of burnout? Thursday, for the second consecutive week, the CBS reality series was beaten in audience ratings by NBC's Friends, which should be retitled Friends and Lovers ...


Will Clarence survive, or continue to be a bean klepto?

21/10/01 (The Journal Star) : In case you are not a fan, the goal of Survivor is to make it through a series of challenges and tests while simultaneously placating all the other contestants in your tribe who are competing against you for a million bucks - the prize awarded to the last man or woman standing ...


New Survivor struggles in ratings

21/10/01 (BBC News) : The latest high-profile American reality TV show, Survivor: Africa, has been beaten in the ratings for the second week in a row by comedy Friends. The second episode of Survivor: Africa, shown on Friday, got the lowest viewing figures for a Survivor show since June 2000 ...


Local woman watches granddaughter brave 'Survivor'

21/10/01 (Journal and Courier) : When Virginia Schneider visited her daughter in California in May, she had the oddest feeling ... as if she wasn't being told about a big secret. Turns out that Schneider's 22-year-old granddaughter, Kelly Goldsmith, was trying out for a spot on the wildly popular TV series Survivor: Africa ...


CBS' 'Survivor' Sinks Against NBC's Reinvigorated 'Friends'

20/10/01 (Calendar Live) : "Survivor: Africa" appears to be burning far less brightly than its predecessor, suggesting that the ratings torch for last season's most-watched series might begin to flicker out faster than CBS and industry pundits anticipated ...


Week 2: Going for the Jugular

19/10/01 (ET Online) : If the cow is such a treasured friend to the tribes of East Africa, one might ask why do they drain blood out of its jugular? The answer is the same reason the contestants in the most recent game of outwitting, outplaying and outlasting are turning their arrows on one another. They are out for blood. They are out to survive ...


Ousted Interview With Jessie Camacho

19/10/01 (ET Online) Booted babe Jessie Camacho speaks out about drinking blood, the awful water and her incredible experience on "Survivor: Africa." ... 


Survivor May Be Only Reality Show to Outlast the Craze

15/10/01 (Fox News) : Terrorists were unable to hijack the ratings for Survivor 3, but the attacks on Sept. 11 and the events that have followed have accelerated the demise of the once white-hot reality TV genre, industry experts say ...


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Who's Zooming Who 

(19/10/01) Belly up to the bar and knock back a warm one. It’s time for another gross food challenge, where the red color isn’t from the choice hops ...


Survivor 2nd To Friends 

(19/10/01) CBS' "Survivor: Africa" took a hit in the ratings Thursday, losing over four million viewers in its second airing -- though with 19.6 million viewers tuning in, the show's still a hit by any standards ...


Caption Contest 

(19/10/01) Lindsey Richter Caption Competition ...


'Survivor' contestants bloody well go bottoms-up

(19/10/01) They say when you travel to foreign countries you should be careful about drinking the water. They forget to warn you about drinking the blood ...


Survivor Jeff : Lilac's Episode Two Review ...


Rich Valley's favorite 'Survivor' clears hurdle  

(19/10/01) Big Tom Buchanan made it through another vote on "Survivor Africa." He also drank a shot glass of cow's blood mixed with milk, then wagged his tongue wildly to show a judge that he finished his drink during an episode aired Thursday on CBS ...


Survivor: Africa: Episode Two

(19/10/01) With the second episode of "Survivor: Africa" over and done with one thing is certain. Not only is the climate in Kenya very cruel so are the tribal politics ...


`Survivor' contestant fared

(19/10/01) A man from Michigan was among the 16 contestants picked for "Survivor: Africa," airing Thursday nights on CBS. Black, 24, coaches high school basketball at Detroit Country Day School in the Detroit suburb of Beverly Hills ...


'Survivor' Week 2: It's Snacktime!

(19/10/01) Hopefully, anyone watching tonight’s episode of “Survivor” hadn’t had anything too saucy for dinner, because tonight was the now-traditional “gross food” episode ...


'Survivor' seems petty right now

(18/10/01) The Tele visual juxtaposition last Thursday night was awkward to say the least. One moment we had President Bush in a White House press conference, addressing America's war on terrorism and the issue of homeland security. The next moment we were watching a group of cranky "Survivor" contestants squabbling over a can of beans ...





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