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Survivor Planet is a Survivor based website that was created on the 27th September 2001, two weeks before the commencement of the third installment of Survivor based in the Shaba Reserve Kenya, Africa. The website is divided into the three main parts each representing a different series of Survivor. Three three main parts of this website are

1) Borneo, Pulau Tiga
2) Queensland, Australia
3) Kenya, Africa

Each of the three parts contains several sections, the sections for each Survivor series are:

1) News : contains all the latest news and information relating to that installment of Survivor.

2) Survivors : contains a detailed biography and profile on each of the sixteen Survivors. It also contains plenty of colorful pictures of each of the Survivors in and out of the game. Also thee are links for more news and websites relating to each of the Survivors. Also here you can read each of the Survivors Final Words and their reflections on their time on Survivor.

3) Show: a popular part of the website. The show section contains a detailed summary on each of the episodes of Survivor, information and pictures of each of the reward and immunity challenges, results and information on each of the Tribal Councils, information about the Show and how it derived, information on the host Jeff Probst and the Executive Producer Mark Burnett.

4) Island: information on the island, geographical information and statistics as well as plenty of detailed an colorful photos from the island.

5) Media: contains the outside World interpretation on the reality tv hit show Survivor. Contains information on what people from the media are saying about the show.






This Site Tracked by WebTrendsLive.